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Tosh Closed 2008

The basement in The Hotel Meyrick has been home to many pubs ocer the year and probably alot more than we recall as the building was built in the mid 1840's

However we must recall Tosh as it was such an unusual venue especially for Galway being opened as a members only club. Firstly the name explained Tosh galway

In 1973 the movie ‘The Mackintosh Man’ was filmed in Galway.
The Mackintosh Man starred Paul Newman and while filming here in Galway Paul Newman stayed at the Hotel Meyrick (formerly Great Southern Hotel, Eyre Square).
As Tosh is part of the Hotel Meyrick we needed a name to encapsulate the Tosh experience. As Mr Newman is renowned for being extremely cool, captivating, distinguished & sophisticated, TOSH is too and this was the perfect way to mark his visit while filming The Mackintosh Man, so the name‘TOSH’ was born!

Tosh firstly opened as an exclusive members bar but that did not work out so  it operated as a regular bar until it was renamed Fagan's. Below were some of the rules of Tosh members club

Members must be over 25
Members may bring no more than 3 guests
Members are liable for the unpaid bills of their guest
Members will be given keys to gain entrance to the premises


Named after the Irish novelist Liam O'Flaherty who stayed at the Hotel many times during the 1940's
O'Flahertys was well known and liked for the quality of its food plus a good spot to watch a match.
O Flaherty's