O'Connors Famous Pub

O Connors

O'Connor's "famous" Pub in Salthill bills itself as the first singing pub in Ireland. The veracity of the "famous" tag and the claim to be Ireland's first singing pub is open to debate but  it would probably easily win the title of the most decorated pub in Ireland. On entering O'Connors you will be astounded by the the number of articles hanging from every possible inch of space. Old Gaslights, farm implements, crockery, photos, weighing scales and a near life size statue of John Wayne (in The Quiet man) are scattered throughout the Pub. It is possible to get totally disorientated in here and you can start to wonder what year it is as you are transported to years gone by. The building has a long history as pub stretching back to 1800s with family names such as Scallan, Flynn and Glennon all associated with this Pub at one time.


As you can imagine O'Connors is a tourists dream and the clientele reflects this especially during the summer when it can be overun by American tourists. However even the most cynical of Galwegians would admit that a visit to O'Connors is a worthwhile experience, if even just to have a quick pint and bang your head on a low hanging lamp. In the tourist off season this family run pub really excels as a superb place for a few pints and a roaring fire with some great music in the background.

Live music can be heard many nights and a singalong comprising most of the Pub  is not out of the question.

O'Connor's  Famous Pub
Galway City